Franz Heeke: Basic Theory

A fluid in a glass rotates, when eccentrically shaken. My hypothesis: such “shaker effects” play an important role in celestial mechanics, driving and controlling the rotation of sun and planets. The mechanism of interaction is described in following Article 1.  All central celestial bodies are being shaken around eccentrically to a minor or greater extent, depending on mass, orbit and orbit eccentricity of their satellite(s).  “Shaker effects” are most probably of influence also on our weather and climate.

Main Conclusions

  1. The planets impose a differential rotation on our sun, which then produces whirls and turbulence observed as solar activities.
  2. Moons of the giant planets “drive” the rotation of their parent planet up to an extent, that matter is being ejected, forming planetary rings.
  3. Density and ellipticity of planets depend on the ratio of equatorial velocity to escape velocity. Moons, “driving” the rotation of their parent planet, are thus affecting its density and shape.
  4. Planets are arranging themselves in such a way, that mutual disturbances are minimized. This may be reflected in the Titius-Bode law.
  5. Not all bodies of our solar system originate from one and the same nebular cloud, as assumed in nebular theories. At least some of the planets or moons formed separately and are captured, joining our solar system step by step.

Time will show, which ones of these conclusions are correct and which are wrong.

(German) Eine Fluessigkeit in einem Glas rotiert, wenn sie exzentrisch geschwenkt wird. Meine Hypothese: “Schwenkeffekte” dieser Art spielen eine bedeutende Rolle in der Himmelsmechanik. Sie treiben und steuern die Rotation der Sonne und Planeten, und beeinflussen wahrscheinlich auch unser Klima. Die vermutete Wirkungsweise ist in deutscher Sprache im Artikel 2 beschrieben.


  1. Die Planeten zwingen der Sonne eine differentielle Rotation auf. Diese erzeugt Wirbel und Turbulenzen, die wir als Sonnen- Aktivitaeten wahrnehmen.
  2. Die Monde der grossen Planeten beschleunigen deren Rotation so stark, dass Materie abgeschleudert werden kann. Das führt zur Bildung von Planeten- Ringen oder Ring- Segmenten.
  3. Mittlere Dichte und Abplattung der Planeten haengen ab vom Verhaeltnis Umfangsgeschwindigkeit zu Entweichgeschwindigkeit. Monde, durch Einwirkung auf die Rotation des Mutter- Planeten, beeinflussen damit auch dessen Dichte und Abplattung.
  4. Die Planeten im Sonnen- System ordnen sich ueber Drehimpuls- Austausch so ein, dass gegenseitige Stoerungen minimiert werden. Das drueckt sich wahrscheinlich aus im Titius-Bode Gesetz.
  5. Nicht alle Himmelskoerper des Sonnen- Systems sind aus dem gleichen rotierenden Ur- Nebel entstanden, wie in Nebular- Hypothesen angenommen. Zumindest einige Planeten oder Monde sind getrennt entstanden und wurden eingefangen.

Die Zukunft wird zeigen, welche dieser Folgerungen richtig und welche falsch sind.


(English Version) Shaker Effects in Celestial Mechanics

1.  Shaker Effects – Definition and Explanation
2.  Sun’s Motion and Sunspots
3.  Rotation of Sun and Planets
4.  Origin and Structure of the Solar System
5.  Shaker Effects and Climate Variations
6.  Areas of Research

Addendum: Cosmological Model

(Deutsche Fassung) Schwenkeffekte in der Himmelsmechanik

1.  Schwenkeffekte – Definition und Erlaeuterungen
2.  Schwenkbewegung der Sonne – Sonnenflecken
3.  Rotation der Sonne und Planeten
4.  Entstehung und Struktur des Sonnen-Systems
5.  Schwenkeffekte und Klima
6.  Moegliche Ueberpruefungen und Tests

Addendum: Weltmodell


5 responses to “Franz Heeke: Basic Theory

  1. interessant bin leider kein mathematiker werde aber den artikel senden an einen mathematiker der sich z.Z. den kopf über das ausbleiben des sonnenzyklus zerbricht und am enwickeln eines modeles arbeitet

  2. hello, if somebody can talk to me about a website where i can find information of planets like size, color, what number of the solar system its… if somebody can do me that favor…


  3. I am a 8th grade teacher in NC and came across your site while researching some information about the solar system for my class this year. I just wanted to thank you for the great information and articles about the solar system.

    We would love it if you could write a few articles for us, or link to some of the current articles to help us spread trusted resources to other teachers. I have included a link to the site in hopes you might want link to it.

    Thanks and keep the great resources coming

    Bre Matthews

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    Referring to the “galactic rotation anomaly” – ( – where the newtonian celestial law for rotational bodies around a gravity centre is scientifically disproved, one can take a very alternative and different approach to the “shaker effects” of the planets and the sun.

    The galactic rotation anomaly suggest quite another formation theory of both our galaxy and the solar system that orbit the galatic centre with the same speed as other objects in the galaxy.

    This more than suggests that everything in our galaxy is formattet in the centre of the galaxy and have left this centre horisontally/perpendiculary of the rotation out in the 2 rotation Milky Way bars via the special effect of horisontally circular motion in the bars – creating both a rotation of the sun and the planets and moons and their orbital momentum around the sun as the whole solar system was leaving the bars, floating further out in the galactic surroundings via the centrifugal force.

    – This explains both the galaxy rotation anomaly as well the shaker effect the whole solar system got already in the formation motion out through the Milky Way bars.

    The rotation plane of the solar system compared to the Milky Way rotation plane differs with circa 60 degree – and this motion in the different planes explain how the shaker effect has an up- and down-effect, but it is really a circular motion given from the solar system birth out through the Milky Way bars.
    Shaking new alternative explanation indeed . . .

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