About Franz Heeke

Franz Heeke

Franz Heeke

Franz J. Heeke,  E-Mail: f-heeke (at) t-online.de

During most of my professional career I worked as a consultant in and for developing countries (Asia, Africa), in the 1990s also in a few projects in Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, Ukraine).  My interest in climate variations and in extraterrestrial influence on climate change came up in Bangladesh: Over there some natural disaster can be expected every few years, be it a failing monsoon, meaning crop failure and food shortage, or extreme flooding, or a deadly cyclone with disastrous losses in life and property. Trying to understand the background of such natural disasters is here, as  in many other parts of the world, of highest interest. This then leads also to the very old question, whether and to what extent solar activities, other planets and our moon are of influence, directly or indirectly, on climate and our living conditions on earth.

My ideas about sunspot cycles, “shaker effects” and the rotation of sun and planets were first published in several amateur astronomers periodicals during the years from 1985 to 1990. The ideas found some acceptance since then also in professional circles. Quite a number of scientists world wide had a look at my internet- homepage meanwhile. Arguments leading to an outright rejection of my theories have not come up as yet.


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